2D: Portrait, Character & asset artist


Hello! I'm DawnDragon Art, also called Migi.

I've been an artist for as long as I could pick up a crayon, and I absolutely LOVE creating things that make people happy!

My goal is to turn your dreams into reality, by having them be something you can see!

“I have been working with DawnDragon Art for several years and she’s the best graphic artist I’ve worked with. Her designs are fresh and creative, and her service is kind and efficient. I would recommend her to any company or individual looking to take their brand to the next level.”

- Philip Luchon, Game Camp Nation

I LOVE IT I could cry - PmMeCatPictures

Thank you!!! This is beautiful, and I'm so pleased with how much you are able to bring my vision to life.

- Raven Bourne, author of the novel "DNA" 

WOW!! You nailed the art style, holy moly! - turbofax16

HOLY POO (actually said the four letter word out loud), THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so talented!! I really cannot get over how great this is. Thank you SO much! That was so fast too.

- dumgirl200



 What do I do?
 Twitch Assets
  Web Icons
  2D Game Assets
  Book Covers
   D&D Characters
 and more!

People and Characters:


Business Assets

Portrait (chest-up)              $35+ (per character)

Semi-realism Portrait         $75+ (per character)

Fullbody                              $50+ (per character)
Semi-realism Fullbody   $100+ (per character)

+Simple background:        +$13-$25

+Basic Background           +$50

+Detailed Background       +$75

+Transparent Background  +$13

+Flat color background =    FREE


Sending me this info (below) is necessary for me to create a more accurate image!  Image pops up on click

Business Logo                   $300

Twitch Logo/Profile Pic     $75

Twitch Emote                       $25 (per)
Animated Twitch emote-   $65+ (per)

-or Alert

Twitch Overlay                    $50 (per)

Twitch "About" banners      $13 (per)

Twitch Channel banner        $13 (per)

VTuber - contact me or my partner Sylva

     typical price is $500 total

dawndragon.art@gmail.com  itssylvatwitch@gmail.com

Contact me to talk about merch-designs






Game Design



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